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Anh Nghi Sơn là đại lý chính thức phân phối MTS sensor tại Việt Nam

MTS Sensor là dòng sản phẩm chuyên về các loại cảm biến: cảm biến Vị trí, cảm biến vị trí tuyến tính, TEMPOSONICS sensor, Position Sensors

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MTS Sensors Introduction

MTS Sensors is recognized as an industry leader in sensing technologies and solutions. These sensors permit high-precision and dynamic position and/or speed measurement in state-of-the-art automation and safety-relevant applications. With a versatile and ever-increasing product portfolio, MTS Sensors cooperates closely with customers, to optimize performance and reduce downtimes.

Outstanding quality associated with practical know-how ensures that customers achieve utmost productivity and success. Continuous research, development and production of sensor systems constantly enable new solutions for measuring tasks in the industrial, mobile hydraulics as well as process technology fields to be created. MTS Sensors is a division of MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ:MTSC).

In July 2016, MTS Systems Corporation (Eden Prairie, USA) purchased PCB Piezotronics Inc. (Depew, USA). The acquisition will continue MTS’ and PCB’s long history of growth. Our customers benefit from an extended, complementary product portfolio, while relying on the unwavering competence and diligence of our support team. MTS Sensors has 1450 employees worldwide who serve our global customers with a focus on superior regional support.

MTS Product line :

  • Industrial Position Sensors

Temposonics® magnetostrictive position sensors feature all relevant industry outputs to support a large variety of industrial applications. This, together with the reliability of the position and velocity measurement, guarantees superior control of the application.

  • Developed for linear position measurement in industrial applications
  • Stroke lengths from 25 mm to 20 m
  • Various sensor models, designs, outputs, approvals and performance classes are available

Temposonics® R-Series Position Sensors

  • RP, RH, RF, RT4 , RD4 , RS IP68 / IP69K 

Temposonics® G-Series Position Sensors

  • GP, GH, GB-M / GB-T, GT, GTE

Temposonics® E-Series Position Sensors

  • EP, EL, ER, EH, ET, EE, EP2

Explosion-Proof Position Sensors

  • 3D, 3G, HPH
  • Mobile Hydraulics Position Sensors

Temposonics® magnetostrictive position sensors for mobile hydraulics applications feature all relevant outputs to guarantee superior control and reliability of position and velocity measurement.

  • Developed for linear position measurement in mobile hydraulics machinery
  • The position sensors are available with a stroke length from 50 mm to 5000 mm
  • Designed for cylinder integration or external mounting
  • High robustness against shock and vibration provide more safety, comfort and machine availability
  • Available in series : MH, MH200, MHRM, MH THREAD, FMH, MS, MH SAFETY, MT, MB, MRX, HE
  • Light Industrial Position Sensors

Temposonics® Light Industrial position sensors are specifically developed for use in fine or small applications, where a common linear sensor does not fit, that need exact position measurement.

  • OEM version for cylinder integration
  • M1 and H2 housing available for external mounting
  • Stroke length ranges from 72 to 250 mm
  • Outputs: Analog, PWM (OEM version only)
  • Available in C series : CS, CM
  • Liquid Level Transmitters

Developed for automatic tank gauging of above ground storage tanks and process vessels.

Designed for application in the oil, gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, and mining industries

Five different transmitters allow users to find the right solution for their tank application

Available in series : Tank SLAYER, RefineME, SoClean, CHAMBERED Tank SLAYER, MR, MG